Jobs in Early Childhood

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Looking for a  CAREER CHANGE ?

Interested in a new career? People seek to change careers for many different reasons. Your career goals or values may have changed; you may have discovered new interests that you would like to incorporate into your job or you may wish to have more flexible hours, just to name a few.

The Early Years and School Age Care Sector is a growing, dynamic sector with opportunities to enter and expand careers in all kinds of stimulating and professionally rewarding ways.

Explore a wide range of career options, for example; working directly with children from birth to 12 years of age, leadership, management, policy, regulation, governance, research, adult education or support roles in cooking and cleaning.

According to the ABS this is a future-proof choice – careers in this sector are across two of the top 5 growing industries and ‘Childcarers’ are in the top 3 occupations for employment growth in the five years to May 2023.


As the EYSAC Online Hub develops, it will host directories of supporting organisations and services. It is intended that these directories are complimentary and valuable tools to support people to enter and expand EYSAC career choices.

Proposed directories include EYSAC Employers, Professional Learning and Events, Employment Providers and RTO’s. Send us your contact details if you would like to register interest in participating in one or more of these directories.